Reliable Factory Service

We supply the fastest, reliable, most affordable CNC machining, prototype making, sheet metal fabrication, molding, and engineering service.

  1. Engineering team support before manufacturing
  2. Professional DFM report before placing the order
  3. In time feedback in 12 hours, 7 days
  4. Short lead-time, CNC can be done in 3 days, molding can be done in 15 days
  5. Affordable invest to your new projects

Automatically CNC lathe machining

Factory Plastic molding process introduction

About BDM

Bestcreating Design and Manufacture Limited is a leading product design and manufacturer in China. Found in 2009, located in BanTian, Shenzhen city, factory area now excesses 2000㎡. And we are equipped with various facilities of CNC, EDM, W-EDM, turning machine, drilling machine, grinding machine and injection machines to provide you the reliable manufacturing service. You are welcome to test our service by sending us the E-mails.

Not only provide the CNC machining, prototyping making, molding service, we also supply the design service of reverse engineering  and mechanical development. 5 mechanical and 2 electronics, 5 CNC programmer engineers with at least 5 years’ experience, 10 prototyping and CNC technicians to support your new projects.

BDM aimed at high precision, fast efficiency, low cost manufacturing service for the customers all over the world. The first new product prototype supplier in the territory of Internet of Things, Smart Home system, Robotic solutions.

Supplier of Xiao MI

We are proud to declare that in 2011 we became one of the suppliers of Xiao MI Technology to produce plastic parts such as earphone enclosure, earphone box, etc.. By far the production volume of the earphone box has reached 500 million sets, even though it is a very simple product, but Xiao MI asked for a very high and strict both appearance and dimensional requirements. Under strict product control process of Xiao MI, BDM now is confident to support your new projects and we will dedicated to providing you the Xiao MI quality product.

Furthermore, in recent years we also gained and started the cooperation with a lot of overseas companies such as Sabouran Polymer Co. from Iran, Erum group from Spain, Procurement Manager at Air Comm Corporation from USA, etc..

xiao mi earphone box made in BDM