IML panel


  • IMD: In molding decoration
  • IML:In molding label  (applied to flat or small curved surface)
  • IMF:In molding film  (applied to 3D curved surface, technique only available in Japan for now)
  • IMR:In molding roller (only oil layer is left onto the product, without film, nowadays only available in Japan)

To make the concept easy to understand, in BDM Ltd., IMF is divided into IML,  IMR is not available in our factory.

Compared with the immaturity of IMR,  IML has been a mature technology in China. A big number of product have been applied IML process, such as the touch panel of the induction cooker, the operation panel of the washing machine, etc..

IML process

The general process of IML, fours steps in total:

  1. Printing: maximum color number is 10
  2. Forming: To make the appropriate shape of the film. Thermoforming is the most popular process.
  3. Cutting: Cut the formed film to the right dimension.
  4. Injection: Put the film into the cavity of mold and inject with the plastic.

IML process

IML forming methods

IML forming process

There are generally four different forming processes. See the pictures on the left.

For PET film: Thermoforming forming

For PC film: High pressure forming

PET and PC film designed thickness options:

Inch: 0.005; 0.007; 0.010; 0.015;

MM:  0.127; 0.178; 0.254; 0.381

IML film structure

IML film structure

IML design attention

IML design notice

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